Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a little bigger!

Well as for most of you the Kids are back at school now.... and I am feeling a little lost! My youngest is now full time school so I have lost my little coffee buddy :( but I thought I would go back and see the difference from this year to the last on their first day of school. So on the Left is last years and right is this years. My boy has lost his "Little boy" face and My Girl has grown tall! Ashlee's sunglasses are simmilar to last years but of course we have gone from Wiggles to Hannah Montana lol. Those of you who don't know, Ashlee has to wear sunglasses at all times when she is outside because she has facial palsy of the right side and is unable to blink to stop the glare. Also that is why she has the unique lopsided smile...
So thats my little trip down memory lane!!
Thanks for stopping by, I soon will have some scrappy goodness to share. Till then GET scrapping!!
Kell xx


Susan Longman said...

wow fred does look different !!

WIOIN Kits said...

They are both Gorgeous Kell, love the pics!
Hope they are going well first week back!
Mel xx

Pippa said...

Beautiful kids Kel! They have grown a lot since last year :) You won't know yourself with all the "free" time LOL

Wendy Smith said...

terrific comparison photos...lovely

Linda said...

Gorgeous pics Kell :)
Hope you're not feeling so lost now that it's a few weeks into school being back.