Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A HUGE Blog update (heavy on photos!)

Well back from the Brisbane Expo and had a ball!

Never knew teaching would be so much fun and the wonderful people you meet along the way was even better!  So I had a Tutors wall to fill while up there and here are a few of them that I would love to share.  I did have more but the LOVELY Kristy from SBM came and took some for publication so I didn’t need to post them… how nice was that :)  The first 3 were from the sneaks I posted before Brisbane and the rest are ones I didn’t get around  taking photos of before I left.




June 10 048

June 10 049 June 10 036

June 10 039June 10 050

June 10 054

June 10 057

June 10 060 The next 2 are from the Addicted to Craft wall that wwas displayed at Brisbane as well as SIA this year

June 10 040

June 10 044

And another 2 pages I did last month for challenges

IB Sketch for May


Annas Sketch for May


So there is my update… See I do still scrap!   Hope its not to much of an overload ;)

Kell xx


Emma said...

love your work kells :)

Susan Longman said...

yay an update :)

Sarah Lou said...

Wow lots of great eye candy here!!!

Linda said...

wow! Love them all Kell - stunning work!

Ebony van der Starre said...

Totally inspiring!!!!