Friday, January 22, 2010

New Challenge blog COMING SOON!

Just a little sneaky of a page I have done for a new challenge blog that starts in Febuary called Kraft it Up
So Click HERE and head on over and pop it into you favorites ready for the first challenge!
Thanks for poping in, I'll have sneakys for Buzz & Bloom project soon
Kell xx


Bibi said...

Love Kraft, but don't seem to use it enough for some reason. Can't wait!

Susan Longman said...

yummy sneaky ... can't wait to see the whole thing...hmmm I guess we will be getting a ot of the sneakies now huh!!!

Kirsty said...

Ooooh intriguing!!!!

Sar said...

Oooooh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE kraft! Can't wait for this to start! Have added to my faves already. Thanks Kell!!

:) Tiff said...

Printing on Kraft works so wellfor me. Hybrid, txt strips and well, just about printing a pic straight on it. So cool